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Description :
Slate stones are yet another product procured through mining and used for building interiors and exteriors. It is extremely beautiful and more cost effective then most other wall and floor coverings. It gives a very graceful, natural finish to any building or home. The usual colours of slate are black, dark gray, greenish gray and purplish gray. Sometimes color changes do occur due to weathering. Slate stone or simply slate is compact metamorphic rock, composed primarily of silica and alumina. Slate is easy to clean, requires very little maintenance and also provides high slip resistance & is long lasting. Slate tiles and slate stones are suitable for Exterior and Interior Applications such as wall-cladding, roofing, flooring, hearths, fire places, kitchen, wall claddings, landscaping, driveways, pools etc.

Slate Finishes : Natural/Cleft, Gauged /Cleft. Naturally non-slip surface can be rubbed plain or finished with clear varnish after fixing.

Slate Applications : Wall-cladding, roofing, flooring and all other types of interior & exterior applications depending upon the imagination of an architect.

Slate Usage : Machine Cut : Floor Covering & Wall Cladding

Sizes : 30 X 20, 40 X 20, 30 X 30, 60 X30, 40 X40, 50 X50, 60 X60 cms, Other sizes available as per Customer's choice

Multi Colour Dark Rustic Slate

Terra Red Slate Multi Colour Mau Slate Zera Green Slate
Multi Colour Dark Rustic  Terra Red Multi Colour Mau Zera Green
Copper Slate Ocean Green Slate Jak Black Slates Silver Shine Slate
Copper Slate Ocean Green Slate Jat Black Slates Silver Shine